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  1. First , i am proposing that the applications of everyone in the previous economic applicant category who filed for permanent residency status before january 1 , 2002 be assessed under the provisions of the former immigration act
  2. Once the assessment is complete the acs will provide to the applicant a written statement indicating the suitability of their skills as an it professional . this assessment does not guarantee residency status nor employment
  3. In his study , prof birrell found that 34 per cent of overseas students who graduated and got residency status in australia did not achieve the minimum level of english required for professional activity , with 43 per cent of chinese students falling short
    在波瑞爾教授的研究中,他發現,畢業后獲得澳大利亞居留權的留學生中,有34 %的人未能達到從事專業工作所必需的最低英語水平,其中中國學生有43 %的人不合格。
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