resona holdings inc造句


  1. Resona Holdings Inc . told reporters at a hastily called news conference that it will seek taxpayer funds to strengthen its capital.
  2. Resona Holdings Inc ., the country's fifth largest lender, was nationalized in May after it ran short on capital.
  3. The president of Resona Holdings Inc ., Yasuhisa Katsuta, would say only that the bank was requesting " a considerably high amount ."
  4. Last week, Japan's fifth largest bank, Resona Holdings Inc ., asked the government for public money after an analysis of its books showed its capital had fallen below required levels.
  5. Osaka-based Resona Holdings Inc . announced earlier this month it needed to ask industry regulators for public money to replenish its dwindling capital, renewing concerns about the heath of the nation's banking sector.
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