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  1. Resonance absorption spectrum
  2. Resonance absorption energy
  3. " for his researches concerning the resonance absorption of gamma radiation and his discovery in this connection of the effect which bears his name
  4. In summary , fir ( far infrared ) has three main characteristics which namely are radiation , permeation and resonance absorption to form the energy of activation to benefit the health of human body
  5. The peak in the direction of the target normal is consistent with mat of predicted by the resonance absorption and another peak of hot electrons emission in the specular reflection direction is due to the multi - acceleration mechanisms . the hot electrons emission along the back - reflection direction is probably caused by the acceleration of the back - reflection laser , which is for the first time put forward by us
    其中,靶法線方向的超熱電子發射峰與共振吸收( res ~ eabso甲tion )機制所預言的一致;根據理論估算提出激光反射方向的超熱電子發射峰是幾種加速機制共同作用的結果;我們首次提出背反射激光加速超熱電子的新機制,并用此機制解釋了激光背反射方向產生的超熱電子發射峰。
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  7. The absorption characteristics was that the surface plasma absorption peak appeared around 570 nm shifted to a short wavelength and strengthened as the cu composition increased . but the maximal shift range of the absorption - edge preponderated over 500 nm , and leaded that the dipolar plasma resonance absorption peak were covered up and gradually disappeared in the absorption spectrum . we theoretically explained the mechanism of the modulating action
    實驗觀察到cu表面等離子體共振吸收峰位在570lun附近的吸收邊頻移量超過了500nln .理論分析表明,吸收峰位的移動主要源于偶極共振,而峰形的寬化主要由納米粒子的表面效應和量子尺寸效應引起
  8. The experimental results are helpful to understand the acceleration mechanisms of the hot electron emission in the interaction of the us - ui laser pulse with plasma . an anisotropy energy distribution of the hot electrons emiaon has been observed for the first time in the experiments . the energy spectrum of hot electrons resulted from the resonance absorption at the direction of target normal is a maxwellian - like distribution
    E11分布,擬合的超熱電子有效溫度約200kev左右,超熱電子的最大能量約zmev ,加速電子的主導機制是共振吸收機制;反射方向超熱電子的能譜在低能段出現一個局部的平臺( pla1leau ) ,呈現出非類maxwen分布,這是幾種加熱機制共同作用的結果,其中占主導地位的是反射激光加速機制。
  9. The preparation of ddp - modified gold nanoparticles and mechanism for red - shift in the surface plasmon resonance absorption gold nanoparticles were reduced by tri - sodium citrate and then modified by ddp ( o , o " - dioctadecane dithiophosphate ) . ir image indicated that ddp had a covalent chemical interaction with the surface of the gold nanoparticle
  10. The study indicates that self - assembly monolayer membrane of au nanoparticle distributes as sub - monolayer . after au nanoparticles are assembled in multilayer , surface plasma resonance absorption peak got a red shift because of the polarizing effect of the surrounding media and the coupling effect of surface plasma waves between the next au nanoparticles
    研究表明au納米粒子的自組裝單層薄膜呈亞單層分布, au納米粒子組裝到多層復合薄膜中后,由于周圍介質的極化作用以及相鄰au納米粒子間的表面等離子體波的耦合作用,表面等離子共振吸收峰出現紅移和展寬。
  11. As the position , intensity and width of the plasma resonance absorption peak are concerned , we find that maxwell - garnett and ping sheng theories are applicable for the cermet films with low metal volume fraction , while bruggeman theory fits better than maxwell - garnett theory for au - mgf2 films with high metal volume fraction
    就金屬顆粒表面等離子共振引起的吸收峰的峰位、強度和峰形而言,對低金屬組分的納米金屬陶瓷薄膜光學常數的計算, maxwell - garnett和pingsheng要比bruggeman理論結果好。


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