1. In addition to the 1st RIVI, two artillery batteries were mobilized.
  2. The relationship between Blanco and Cosby eventually came to an end when Jorge " Rivi"
  3. D . Carlo Rivi pievano et il corpo fu portato a Pesaro nella chiesa delle moniche del Corpus Domini ".
  4. Second of the three sons of Roberto Rivi and Albertina Canovi, he was baptised by the parish priest Luigi Lemmi.
  5. The third is on a Munach-Rivi'i, a note that is going downward, showing that enthusiasm is going down.
  6. It's difficult to find rivi in a sentence. 用rivi造句挺難的
  7. He was married to Sonia Pearlwing, who under the name of Marcella Rivi was the author of the lyrics for several songs composed by him.
  8. After Bochian, who retired in 1990, Emil Bulgar was president until 1994, when he was succeeded by Pavel Rivi _  Tipei, the present incumbent.
  9. Both the Seeigel and Seehund barrages were recognised by the Finnish Navy as " Suursaari-Kiskolan rivi ", i . e . Suursaari-Kiskola line.
  10. "' Rolando Maria Rivi "'( 7 January 1931  13 April 1945 ) was an beatified, a step in the process of canonization in the Catholic Church.
  11. Cosby himself was later subpoenaed to testify against Blanco and did so, but the case against her collapsed when Rivi was implicated in a phone sex scandal with secretaries in the Florida State Attorney's office.
  12. Directed by Billy Corben and Lisa M . Perry and produced by Rakontur, the film " stars " Charles Cosby, Nelson Andreu, and Jorge " Rivi " Ayala and features the Colombian-born " Cocaine Godmother ", drug lord Griselda Blanco.
  13. His young father, 28 years old at the time of his birth, was the son of Alfonso Rivi and Anna Ferrari, who had moved to Levizzano-Baiso to work the land there, and since the 1920s lived in a large country house, named " Poggiolo ", with their nine children, of whom Roberto was the eldest son, born in 1903.


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