riviana foods造句


  1. Riviana Foods Inc ., Houston, Texas
  2. Riviana Foods Inc ., Houston, an initial public offering of 3.325 million shares.
  3. For a copy, send your name and address to Riviana Foods Inc ., Top It Off, Box 2636, Houston 77252-2636.
  4. Co-Op has also packaged a single serving of Alberto-Culver's Molly McButter in two million boxes of Riviana Foods'Success Rice.
  5. For a copy, send your name and address to Riviana Foods, The Pyramid Plan, Department BDM, Box 2636, Houston, Texas 77252.
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  7. Mahatma-brand rice, processed by what is now Houston-based Riviana Foods, enjoyed a 30 percent market share of Cuba's packaged rice purchases.
  8. _Riviana Foods, marketers of rice products including Mahatma, Carolina, Water Maid and River brands, is offering a brochure with recipes focusing on the pyramid nutrition plan.
  9. Houston-based Riviana Foods announced Friday that Madrid-based Ebro Puleva is purchasing the 93-year-old rice company in a deal worth about $ 380 million.
  10. Cargill Inc ., Louis Dreyfus Corp ., and Riviana Foods Inc . asked a Washington federal judge to throw out a method for giving some American rice exporters the right to ship their crops to Europe at reduced tariffs.
  11. The family sold the business in 1968 to Riviana Foods, which was later taken over by Colgate-Palmolive, but Pines, his son Isadore and some cousins continued to work for the business, and they bought it back in 1980.
  12. Riviana Foods Inc ., the Houston rice company, said numerous investors in the company's common stock plan to sell 3.32 million shares in an initial offering through underwriters Goldman, Sachs & Co . and Prudential Securities Inc.


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