road to europe造句


  1. For us, CEFTA means a road to Europe.
  2. It represents a milestone on the road to Europe.
  3. third season, titled " Road to Europe ".
  4. A cup final win against Fortuna Sittard still looks the best road to Europe.
  5. For the Bosnian people, the road is literally and symbolically a road to Europe.
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  7. Turkey is on the road to Europe,
  8. "The rock on the road to Europe must be removed, " Draskovic said.
  9. "Road to Europe " was written by Daniel Palladino and directed by Dan Povenmire.
  10. And it promises to put their cities, quite literally, on the road to Europe.
  11. After the discovery of the much shorter Babinov Road to Europe the town declined in importance.
  12. In the summer of'11 the Bombs hit the road to Europe for a monthlong tour.
  13. In the early'70s Parsons studied pottery and sculpture in silk road to Europe by backpacking and hitchhiking.
  14. The day symbolized " that we are making progress on the road to Europe, " said Kawka.
  15. Instead, it turned into a major obstacle on the road to Europe's biggest attempt yet at economic unity.
  16. These are explicit conditions and if we meet them, we have a good opportunity to continue on the road to Europe,
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