road to fame造句


  1. The two took opposite roads to fame, too.
  2. Casting directors took notice and Robson found himself on the road to fame.
  3. The road to fame wasn't easy.
  4. RIF has tread the rough road to fame.
  5. Some of the kids, however, seem irrevocably set on the road to fame.
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  7. Many observers predicted a smooth and direct road to fame for the handsome young newcomer.
  8. But it was Sam Wagstaff who set Mapplethorpe on the road to fame of Warhol proportions.
  9. Ramming America has become the shortest road to fame and leadership among the Arabs and Muslims.
  10. A young girl and her father support him and help him on his road to fame.
  11. When he won at Wimbledon, young Swedes saw tennis as the road to fame and fortune.
  12. He utilized sharp recruiting and tough coaching to put the Bluejays back on the road to fame.
  13. That was for Fox's upcoming The Road To Fame, a special about what stars did before they got famous.
  14. His road to fame was a protracted and hard one, as he was forced to do his measurements in his spare time.
  15. The half-hour episodes depict Cameron and other Magcon members'road to fame, and the price that comes with Internet stardom.
  16. Furious that they have been deceived, a persistent Matt and Michael conspire one final plot which is to be their last lifeline on the road to fame.
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