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  1. PrimeFan made an edit at Talk : Road to Germany here.
  2. If this mission succeeded, the road to Germany would be open.
  3. "Road to Germany " received positive reviews.
  4. Most recently both have edited Road to Germany.
  5. I look forward to working on the national teams again as we begin the long road to Germany,
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  7. In 2010, IGN put " Road to Germany " on its list of " Stewie and Brian's Greatest Adventures ".
  8. A Belgian police official, who demanded anonymity, said the explosion at a Fina station in Eynatten on the road to Germany was believed to be accidental.
  9. Alex Rocha of " TV Guide " was critical in her review of " Road to Germany " stating, " it seemed that the show has taken a slight fall back.
  10. ""'Road to Germany "'" is the third episode of the Stewie realize Mort has gone back in time, and go in the time machine to save him.
  11. Both IGN and TV Squad have praised " Road to Germany ", " Road to Rupert " and " Road to Rhode Island " for having that type of connection in their respective reviews.
  12. "Road to Germany " is the fourth episode of the " Road to " hallmarks of the series, which have aired in various seasons of the show, and the first to be directed by Colton.
  13. In a 2008 episode of the animated sitcom " Family Guy " called " Road to Germany ", Brian, Stewie and Mort enlist the help of Vultan's Hawkman Army in a dogfight over Europe against the Luftwaffe.
  14. According to Seth MacFarlane, " I Dream of Jesus " was one of three episodes ( along with " Road to Germany " and " Family Gay " ) submitted for consideration for " ABC sitcom " The Flintstones " in 1961.
  15. "Road to Germany ", along with the first eight episodes of the seventh season were released on DVD by 20th Century Fox in the United States and Canada on June 16, 2009, one month after it had completed broadcast on television.
  16. In IGN's top ten list of Stewie and Brian's Greatest Adventures, the " Road to " episodes gains each spot on the top five with " Road to Europe " in spot number five, " Road to Germany " in number four, " Road to Rupert " in number three, " Road to the Multiverse " in number two, and the first episode, " Road to Rhode Island ", in the number-one spot in the list.
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