road to guantanamo造句


  1. Australia refused Ruhal Ahmed a visa to visit to promote " The Road to Guantanamo " ( 2006 ), a British docudrama made about the events.
  2. As an actor, he was initially known for his work in independent films such as " The Road to Guantanamo ", " SAG nominations.
  3. Among relevant simultaneous release attempts are " EMR " ( 2005 ) by James Erskine & Danny McCullough, and " The Road to Guantanamo " ( 2006 ).
  4. Recent appearances have been made in " The Road to Guantanamo " and " Totally Frank " as well as a reprise of his role in " Cracker ".
  5. A mock advert for RendAir introduces the illegal nature of extraordinary rendition flights to regimes which use torture with the alleged complicity of the British government denied by Jack Straw and Tony Blair . " The Road to Guantanamo " star Riz Ahmed discusses his own detainment.
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  7. ""'Wonderland " "'is the 38th album release by British composer Michael Nyman and the soundtrack to the 1999 film " Molly, has continued the family working relationship with Winterbottom, scoring " The Road to Guantanamo " with Harry Escott.


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