road to hana造句


  1. The road to Hana, in Hawaii, is paved with rude indentions-- pitted, potted, patched and precipitous.
  2. Another popular stop is the Ulupalakua Ranch, where Highway 37 connects to Route 31 ( the rugged, unimproved back road to Hana ).
  3. His acrylic on canvas painting, " On the Road to Hana ", from 1976, is in the collection of the Honolulu Museum of Art.
  4. Yes, he's taken the winding road to Hana, and he recommends you dive into the Seven Sacred Pools and eat at Nick's Fish Market.
  5. The winding, narrow road to Hana on the east coast, taking more than four hours to traverse one way, was too much for one day, we decided, so we took off instead for the little-visited northwest coast.
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  7. Mokulele presently flies 8 to 9 flights a day between West Maui and Honolulu, as well as 2 new flights linking West Maui to Kona, and a flight for tour operators to Hana, allowing customers on the " Road to Hana " tour to fly back to West Maui rather than drive.
  8. In Haiku, a small town on the road to Hana in Maui, over 20 loaner dogs of varying pedigree are available at the Maui Grown Market to anyone who buys a picnic lunch . " Some people are crying when they bring the dogs back, " said owner Chris Borges . " They fall in love ."
  9. Other Maui outings include strolling resort-packed Kaanapali Beach, where honeymooners are identified by matching T-shirts that say, " Happily Maui'd "; driving the famous, treacherous, I-dare-you road to Hana; contemplating the narrow Iao Valley, where King Kamehameha gained control of Maui in a decisive battle.


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