rosemary grant造句


  1. Later, extensive research was done by Peter and Rosemary Grant.
  2. Barbara Rosemary Grant, who goes by her middle name, was born in Arnside, England in 1936.
  3. An intensive study of Darwin's finches was conducted here by biologists Peter and Rosemary Grant over a period of 20 years.
  4. More recently, David Lack and Peter and Rosemary Grant have used the islands'diverse array of endemic finches to unravel the workings of natural selection.
  5. Weiner follows the career of two biologists, Peter and Rosemary Grant, who have spent twenty years proving that Charles Darwin did not know the full strength of his theory of evolution.
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  7. It has attracted researchers working on evolution from over 15 different countries, including Peter and Rosemary Grant, Niles Eldredge, Antonio Lazcano, Douglas Futuyma, Lynn Margulis, Ada Yonath, William H . Calvin and Daniel Dennett.
  8. Starting in 1973, husband-and-wife researchers Peter and Rosemary Grant of Princeton University have followed the evolutionary changes in two types of birds, the ground finch and the cactus finch, on Daphne Major, one of the Galapagos Islands.
  9. His main protagonists are two Princeton University scientists, Peter and Rosemary Grant, who for more than 20 years have measured variations in things like beak size in some 13 varieties of finch that live on a small island in the Galapagos chain, not far from where Darwin himself did his pioneering research.


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