satin crepe造句

"satin crepe"是什麽意思   


  1. He contemplates wearing a bias-cut pink satin crepe evening gown to carry out a bombing.
  2. Others _ presumably those forced to lean over and spoon out the caviar themselves _ are favoring satin crepe.
  3. Nikki Taylor blazed in orange satin crepe with a fitted waist and a hip-high slit, which was hidden for the most part in luxurious drapes of fabric cascading from a bare back.
  4. The mood of the show was underscored by the couturelike style prose in the program, describing a design called " too young to kiss " as a " long crushed raspberry see-through silk tulle dress in a gay mood with carolla cape sleeves and deep fan flared hem, both with circular rib-embroidered deeper tone-on-tone passementerie, matching neck bow and diamond bow-buttons, revealing a deeper-toned silk satin crepe shorts-slip ."
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