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  1. All Foundation degree holders, Bachelors and Masters wear a plain black bonnet of forest green silk satin damask.
  2. The staterooms were large, well-ventilated, and designed with " Oriental elegance ", incorporating materials such as satin damask, moquette, lace, velvet tapestry, and rosewood furniture.
  3. On state occasions ( such as the Opening of Parliament ), the Speaker wears a robe of black satin damask trimmed with gold lace and frogs with full bottomed wig and, in the past, a tricorne hat.
  4. In the House of Commons, the Her Majesty together with the House of Commons, such as for the State Opening of Parliament, or the presentation of an Address, the Speaker has traditionally worn a state robe of black satin damask with gold lace guarding, over a black velvet court suit, lace edged cravat ( jabot ), lace ruffles or cuffs, full-bottomed wig and white gloves ( with hat, as above ).
  5. Within a mile of Calais, she was received by the earl of Southampton, Lord Admiral, with the lord William Howard, Sir Francis Brian, the lord Grey of Wilton, the lord Hastings, lord Clifford, lord Herbert, lord Tailbush, Sir Thomas Seymour, Sir Henry Knyvett, Mr . Gregory Cromwell, with  xxiiij gentlemen in coats of satin damask and velvet, besides the said lords, who wore three collars of cloth of gold and purple velvet and chains of gold, and 200 yeomen, & c ., in the King's colours, red and blue cloth .  Then the King's ships off Newland as she came by them let 200 shots of guns,  after which the town of Calais shot 300 pieces of ordnance.
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