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  1. The measure mentioned above , and the dber have been used in the work of signal detection under the background of real sea noise
  2. Parameter - tuning stochastic resonance ( psr ) is a more realistic way to handle the phenomenon of sr in a broad sense . based on the theory of psr , some key problems of using sr in signal processing are studied , these issues include : the application of intrawell sr in multi - frequency analog signal processing , recovery of the waveform distortion caused by the bistable system and other post treatments , measure of system performance with multi - frequency analog digital input and measurement of system performance of binary digital input . the results are used in signal detecting under the background of the real sea noise
    隨著參數調節隨機共振( psr )概念的提出,隨機共振在信號處理中的應用有著很大拓展的空間,本文就主要研究幾個目前隨機共振在信號處理中應用時經常碰到的問題,其中包括阱內隨機共振現象對多頻模擬信號處理的應用、雙穩態系統輸出的波形畸變的消除及其他后處理、適用于多頻信號的輸出性能衡量指標、二進制數字信號輸入情況下的系統輸出的性能衡量,并將所得的結果應用到了一個自然界的噪聲? ?海洋噪聲背景下的信號檢測中,這些研究對于隨機共振理論的進一步發展及其在非線性信號處理中的應用具有重要的意義。
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