1. John Edwardes bred the Sealyham Terrier rare Welsh breed dog.
  2. In 1970, the Sealyham Mansion was sold to Nancy Ellen Perkins.
  3. Ilmer Sealyhams were smaller than the mainstream show Sealyhams of the time.
  4. Ilmer Sealyhams were smaller than the mainstream show Sealyhams of the time.
  5. The Sealyham terrier sits and listens attentively during concerts.
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  7. At this time he also used Sealyham Terriers for hunting otters, stoats and squirrels.
  8. It was resold in 1986 to the Sealyham Activity Centre for young people as an educational facility.
  9. Sealyhams are low to the ground, and in muddy weather their long coats can become quite dirty.
  10. It turned out the last of the descendant family members to live at the Sealyham Mansion was Mrs Catherine Octavia Edwards.
  11. In 1920, Sealyham Mansion and its immediate associated land were sold to the King Edward VII Welsh National Memorial Association.
  12. This decline has been blamed on an influx of foreign and designer breeds, and the Sealyham's reduced usefulness as a working dog.
  13. Harry Parsons, described his Sealyhams thus : " They make great companions, and the way they bond with their owners is almost magical.
  14. The main hereditary problem highlighted by the American Sealyham Terrier Club is an eye condition called lens luxation, for which there are DNA tests.
  15. :* Thanks for nominating this-it made me have another look at Sealyham Terrier which I took through GA about an age ago.
  16. Previous economic assets included slate quarrying near Sealyham, roadstone quarrying in Treffgarne gorge and a village post office, all of which have ceased operating.
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