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  1. Finally the anchor cell fuses with eight of the ? cells to form the uterine seam cell.
  2. In C . elegans hypodermal seam cells, the transcription of lin-4 miRNA is positively regulated by lin-4 itself which binds to a conserved lin-4 complementary element in its promoter, constituting a positive autoregulatory loop.
  3. In nematodes, the LIN28 homolog lin-28 is a heterochronic gene that determines the onset of early larval stages of developmental events in Caenorhabditis elegans, by regulating the self-renewal of nematode stem cells in the skin ( called seam cells ) and vulva ( called VPCs ) during development.
  4. This new species was named " Nematocida displodere ", after a phenotype seen in late infected worms that explode at the vulva to release infectious spores . " N . displodere " was shown to infect a broad range of tissues and cell types in " C . elegans ", including the epidermis, muscle, neurons, intestine, seam cells, and coelomocytes.
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