seam construction造句

"seam construction"是什麽意思   


  1. The bekishe and the rekel both lack the waist seam construction of the frock coat.
  2. Aerospace engineer Rabi Mehta attributed this effect to asymmetric flow due to the ball's seam construction.
  3. They are designed using materials and seam construction that are impact, abrasion, cut, tear and burst resistant.
  4. A common design for a "'chevron roof "'is based on a batten seam construction to which auxiliary battens are attached.
  5. Tank No . 231, built in 1929, of riveted seam construction, had a capacity of and had recently been renovated with an internal floating roof.
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  7. The " Kapoteh " or " Frak ", besides its unique waist seam construction, has four buttons in the front ( as opposed to six ( or eight in Nadvorna-Kretschnef ) on the front of a bekishe ), as well as slit in the back, which is lacking on the bekishe.


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