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  1. But soldiers remain posted outside police stations, searching officers as they enter and leave the buildings.
  2. Nevertheless, such an intrusion was more than justified, under the circumstances here, by the potential threat to the lives of the searching officers and innocent bystanders.
  3. That there was a delay of minutes between the search and the seizure is not dispositive in this context, where the searching officer made the on-the-spot judgment that he need not seize the suspicious package immediately.
  4. In the case, the Court held that the Fourth Amendment permits a properly limited protective sweep in conjunction with an in-home arrest when the searching officer possesses a reasonable belief based on specific and articulable facts that the area to be swept harbors an individual posing a danger to those on the arrest scene.
  5. The consenting party needs to actually possess or be believed by the searching officer to possess  common authority over or other sufficient relationship to the premises or effects sought to be inspected .  For example, the U . S . Supreme Court in " United States v . Matlock " held that co-occupant of a house had actual authority to consent to a search of the house.
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