1. yes, maybe it's time to invest my money in securites
  2. an evaluation of resent development of european union securites law
  3. because of the civil lialility of stock cheating, the securites market can have a good order
  4. chapter 2 treats of functions of the stock cheating . the civil lialility of securites law in china has its three function . it can meet up the investor's damages, prevent the irregularity
  5. we can consult related law items of other country . it is necessary to modify or interpret the items about the civil lialility in securites law of china in existence in order to protect the rights of the investor and regulate the security market fully
  6. It's difficult to find securites in a sentence. 用securites造句挺難的
  7. establishing and imposition of the civil lialility can deter the stock cheating, hence the interests of investors can be protected . chapter 3 discusses the types of the civil lialility of stock cheating . as a usual, the civil lialility of securites law consists of irregularity of open information system, the insider dealings, the manipulate
  8. the reconstructing of enterprises to stock companies and the negotiable securites exchange in the market after they come into being are revolution of chinese economy system, which has the meaning of lining out the era . the thesis is based on the transformation of chinese accounting target, and challenges to the questions of accounting information quality . on the influence of accounting rule internationalization and other aspects . the thesis affirm sufficiently the great driving function to which stock system gives in chinese accounting idea progress, at the same time it disclose the transformation background of chinese accounting system and its main content


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