securities position造句


  1. And traders at brokerage firms everywhere are slashing their securities positions.
  2. He has held a number of different security positions throughout Afghanistan.
  3. Ross said he was then removed from his security position.
  4. The third major security position, defense secretary, seemed less certain.
  5. Their numbers are also increasing in the police force and security positions.
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  7. The third major national security position, defense secretary, seemed less certain.
  8. Both sons hold high-level security positions in Saddam's regime.
  9. Due to financial constraints some of the security positions were eliminated and contracted out.
  10. Both hold high-level security positions.
  11. GCI was authorized to have 212 security positions in December 1994 and 226 in December 1995.
  12. To allay fears, the Israeli military has begun fortifying security positions around the affected settlements.
  13. Shurzum, of Circassian origin, held several military and security positions during the last decade.
  14. Outside his official security position inside the palace he was the president of Moroccan Athletics federation.
  15. Also, Israeli tanks began shelling Palestinian security positions early Sunday in the West Bank town of Ramallah.
  16. He also deflected a question about his failure to name any appointees to national security positions before leaving Washington.
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