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  1. The securities ratings will be reflected in their interest rates.
  2. Supporters said Linux software, whose popular mascot is a penguin, was under testing for better-security ratings.
  3. The SECEDIT RESOURCE procedure was used to establish security ratings for file, library, folder, and group objects.
  4. The 75 was tested by Thatcham's New Vehicle Security Ratings ( NVSR ) organisation and achieved the following ratings:
  5. "We've had problems with safeguards and security at some of the non-weapons sites, some of which have received low security ratings.
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  7. The PRSRCID ( " Profile Resource Security By User ID " ) procedure was used to establish security ratings for file and library objects.
  8. Los Alamos and Lawrence Livermore both received " marginal " security ratings, while Sandia received a satisfactory rating, according to the report released last week.
  9. Some security analysts have given Don Muang poor security ratings, especially because of its proximity to high-rise buildings, highway overpasses and other possible SAM launch sites.
  10. Security Ratings Services ( SRS ), subscription services which " provide continuous, independent quantitative security analysis and scoring for organizational entities, " are gaining popularity as well.
  11. After Moody's Investors Service last month cut most of the securities ratings of two of Northeast's utilities, repayment of $ 24 million in notes for the Northeast Nuclear Energy Co . were accelerated.
  12. :The single most important factor in the Commission staff s assessment of NRSRO status is whether the rating agency is  nationally recognized in the United States as an issuer of credible and reliable ratings by the predominant users of securities ratings.


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