1. There is also a sedilla and a piscina on one of the walls.
  2. That man turned out to be 24-year-old Francisco Diaz Sedilla, who also was honored with Vertigan and presented with a $ 1, 000 reward.
  3. This originally housed the sedilla piscina which were moved into the rebuilt church in 1916; the mediaeval porch is today used to house bins for the local youth club.
  4. The 19th-century church features a sedilla and piscina on the south side of the Lady Chapel which date from the 14th century, both remnants of the mediaeval church.
  5. Apart from the organ of 1871 ( which was removed in 1915 ) the chancel stalls, bishop's throne, reredos, altar, sedilla and rood-screen are all from this date and still extant.
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