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  1. On 20 february , chickens on a farm in pak sha were also dying
  2. Construction of retaining wall no . 36 near cheung sha is nearing completion
  3. Zhu sha is a folk music vocalist at china broadcasting performing - arts troupe
  4. The existing tung chung road between lung tseng tau and cheung sha is inadequate to cope with existing and future traffic demands in terms of capacity and safety
  5. " these enhanced inspection procedures will be implemented until april when the current vaccination trial at pak sha is completed and the result is reviewed , " the spokesman said
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  7. Full scale tests on six chs joints , including 2 k - joints , 3 kk - joints and 1 kkt - joints , used in roof structures of the palaestra in chang sha is carried out in this dissertation
    本文對長沙賀龍體育場鋼屋蓋結構中的6個圓鋼管相貫節點,其中包括2個k型節點、 3個kk型節點和1個kkt型節點,進行了靜力單調加載的足尺試驗。
  8. They make their living by managing a small hostel on the island . there are also all kinds of recreational facilities on the beach . the staff of the small hostel , ah tou , ah tek , hsiu tiet and hsiu sha are all good friends growing up together


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