sichuan food造句


  1. Sichuan food is bold but has complexity and finesse; it offers nuance and variety.
  2. When we first started serving Sichuan food, it had to be so, so mild,
  3. Sichuan food is divided into five different types : sumptuous banquet, ordinary banquet, popularised food, household-style food, and food snacks.
  4. "I'll tell you right now : I've never been to America, but I know that Sichuan food there is nothing like here.
  5. As a Sichuanese, Ruoxin, the beautiful and decisive Co-Captain, doubts if this clumsy westerner can make proper Sichuan food, so she keeps finding fault with him.
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  7. Around 1970, Keh took Sichuan food out of Chinatown, first opening Szechuan near Broadway and 96th Street, an intersection that became known as Sichuan Gulch, and then Sichuan East on the Upper East Side.
  8. Now, interest in serious Sichuan food is growing, and it's possible to get credible renditions of dishes I had in China at Manhattan places like Wu Liang Ye, Grand Sichuan and Grand Sichuan International.
  9. New York's predominantly Cantonese community does not crave the region's peppery food, which may explain why the best Sichuan food I've found is in midtown Manhattan instead of, say, in Chinatown.
  10. Tso emerges from several sources as a self-made man, born in Hunan province, a hilly hot-tempered heartland, whose cuisine rivals that of Sichuan for sheer firepower . ( While Sichuan food is hot right up front, in the mouth, in your face; Hunanese cuisine tends to build up inside you, like a slow charcoal fire, until you feel as though your belly is filled with burning coals .)


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