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  1. Tourist1 : er . . . wasn ' t sir walter raleigh imprisoned here
    游客一:嗯… …華特?雨萊爵士是不是被監禁在此?
  2. Sir walter raleigh
  3. Sir walter raleigh : we have many weaknesses ; we feel too much , we die , but we do have the chance of love
  4. Sir walter raleigh , when they arrested him , had half a million francs on his back including a pair of fancy stays
  5. Sir walter raleigh visited the famous pitch lake of trinidad in 1595 ; it is said to contain nine thousand million tons of asphalt
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  7. Sir walter raleigh , a great english explorer , regularly drank a mixture of wild strawberry leaves and always placed potpourris of roses and orris powder throughout the rooms of his home
  8. Sir walter raleigh brought from the new world that potato and that weed , the one a killer of pestilence by absorption , the other a poisoner of the ear , eye , heart , memory , will , understanding , all
    沃爾特雷利爵士: 196從新大陸帶回了土豆和煙草。前者能夠借吸收作用消滅惡疫197后者毒害耳朵眼睛心臟記憶力意志力理解力,它毒害一切。


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