slab city造句


  1. And these days, Slab City has plenty of it.
  2. For a time this place was known as " Slab City ".
  3. Everyone in Slab City, snowbird and slabber alike, is a squatter.
  4. It also marks the official entrance to Slab City.
  5. The migrants, or snowbirds, come to Slab City in all manner of vehicle.
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  7. The dozen or so children in Slab City get picked up by the school bus.
  8. The East Branch of the Swift River passes through the Slab City and Nichewaug tracts.
  9. Slab City is not so sinister as it is a strange, forlorn quarter of America.
  10. The official Slab City hostess, she makes nightly announcements on a CB radio for all residents.
  11. Salvation Mountain ( location ) is an artificial mountain north of Calipatria, California, near Slab City.
  12. Slab City is a community of sorts for people who have not found community elsewhere, or else have not wanted it.
  13. The evening was cold and dark, the air thick with the smells of burning salt oak as Slab City went to sleep.
  14. In December 1991, McCandless arrives at Slab City, California, in the Imperial Valley, and encounters Jan and Rainey again.
  15. Five miles down is the sign, " Welcome to Slab City, " marking the entrance of this former World War II military base.
  16. The most famous resident of Slab City is Leonard Knight, who has been building a mountain to God out of homemade clay for 16 years.
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