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  1. Slab climbing is one of the most technically demanding styles of climbing.
  2. Savandurga provides for some top class serious slab climbing routes in the world.
  3. Rough rock is excellent for slab climbing.
  4. Sandstone and granite are both excellent for slab climbing, because the rock has lots of friction, making smearing easier.
  5. Unlike overhanging or vertical routes, where strong muscles are very important, slab climbing demands intense concentration and precise foot placement.
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  7. "' Slab climbing "'is a type of rock climbing where the rock face is at an angle of less steep than vertical.
  8. Gibraltar Rock has been described as " an enormous hunk of rough granite that provides the longest and most serious slab climbing in WA . " The first organised climb by the Climbers Association of Western Australia was done in 1974.
  9. However, protection bolts, pitons and pegs installed while lead climbing are also considered " traditional " as they were placed during the act of climbing from the ground-up rather than on rappel, especially in the context of granite slab climbing.


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