slab construction造句

"slab construction"是什麽意思   


  1. Control of early crack on beam - and - slab construction with ready mixed concrete
  2. Beam and slab construction
  3. Flat slab construction
  4. Timber saved due to use of pre - castsemi pre - cast slab construction , aluminum and steel table formwork
  5. Timber had been saved due to the use of metal hoardings , precastsemi - prescast slab construction , aluminium formwork , steel table formwork and metal formwork for construction
    采用金屬圖板、預制及半預制組件、鋁質和鋼質的金屬模板和棚架,共減省了4 , 651平方米木材。
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  7. So it has practical meaning to study the influence of different reinforced concrete face - slab construction schemes on the temperature field and thermal stress field of reinforced concrete face - slab
  8. Published professional books about ultra - long concrete base slab construction in basement , large area terrazzo floor construction ; be competent for consultative work on building construction , construction technique , construction company management and construction supervision , etc
    本人在“地下室超長混凝土底板施工” 、 “大面積水磨石地坪施工”有專著;能勝任建筑施工、施工技術、施工企業管理,建筑監理方面咨詢工作。


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