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  1. Williams was only a few yards ( meters ) away from the elaborate slab covering Parker's resting place.
  2. A slab covering was found in the cavity as grave robbers appeared to have tried robbing the tomb's interior.
  3. Police said engineers used a special chemical to break holes in a large concrete slab covering much of the ruins.
  4. Within the main central shrine there are slab coverings which have perforations in them to drain rainwater to a large underground storage.
  5. However, his name was never carved on the slab covering his casket, so he was in effect buried in an unmarked grave.
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  7. Tey laid her on a concrete slab covering a grave a few steps away, and several women began a furious attempt to revive her.
  8. Accessing the house through the main entrance, the visitor finds himself in a large hall with stone slabs covering the ground and monastic stalls.
  9. Isaiah Mays, like those of 2, 400 others buried in the Arizona State Hospital cemetery, lay under a numbered stone slab covering a weed-choked grave.
  10. There is no inscription on the slabs covering the graves of the governor and his wife, but his grave is marked with a governor's medallion.
  11. While there is no inscription on the slabs covering the graves of the governor and his wife, the governor's grave is marked with a medallion.
  12. Someone, perhaps them, fragmented the slabs covering the " loculi ", with the obvious intent of accessing the contents, being careful to preserve the inscriptions.
  13. In 1900 a local crofter excavated a mound on his croft and found a stone slab covering a stone-lined chamber containing a skull and a bowl.
  14. To this end a pictorial encyclopedia was engraved on granite slabs covering eight subject areas, namely history, medicine, health, custom, literature, proverbs, lexicography, and the Buddhist religion.
  15. The epitaph carved into the stone slab covering his grave includes a curse against moving his bones, which was carefully avoided during restoration of the church in 2008:
  16. The effort was made to reduce the size of the slab covering the opening of the re-usable simple dolmen to one that could be manhandled by the settlement community.
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