smoke trails造句


  1. Smoke trails are often seen in photographs of nuclear explosions.
  2. His last great work was the observation and photography of smoke trails.
  3. The RD-93 is known to produce smoke trails.
  4. The smoke trail of the missile becomes a horizontal line.
  5. The smoke trail lingered in the atmosphere for several minutes.
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  7. Capriati's powerful strokes are creating smoke trails through one event after another.
  8. Phosphorus rounds sent white smoke trails snaking down to the ground and ignited fires.
  9. The smoke trail is an indication that the object was quite big and strong,
  10. In 1901 he was able to build a smoke machine with 58 smoke trails.
  11. Crew members can see the smoke trails.
  12. They look for suspicious movements on the ground, and smoke trails from approaching missiles.
  13. :as stated by others they are rocket smoke trails laid intentionally before the detonation.
  14. Damage is indicated by smoke trails.
  15. These compositions can avoid the metal content and achieve cleaner burning without the prominent smoke trail.
  16. The reports describe a smoke trail following the fireballs _ or bolides, which are exploding meteors.
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