smuggle through造句

"smuggle through"是什麽意思   


  1. Success means getting control of the diamonds that are smuggled through Liberia.
  2. Many of the drugs in the United States are smuggled through Mexico.
  3. Some containers were allegedly smuggled through northern territories controlled by the Kurdistan Workers'Party.
  4. A lot of drugs are smuggled through there, " said Rosser.
  5. This is the type of thing that's always been smuggled through Florida ."
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  7. Most of the known drug lords are smuggling through Northern Iraq.
  8. Heroin from Afghanistan smuggled through on way to Russia and Europe.
  9. Sjoren also cited media reports on the threat of narcotics smuggling through looser borders.
  10. He asks him for a virus he could smuggle through " Labyrinth " security.
  11. Our cooperation can eliminate drug smuggling through Argentina to Poland.
  12. The territories have been a major transit point for drugs smuggled through the Caribbean.
  13. Contraband whiskey was also smuggled through the cave during Prohibition.
  14. Drugs are often smuggled through Tajikistan from neighboring Afghanistan, the world's largest opium producer.
  15. Parrots and ivory are also smuggled through the area.
  16. Honduran officials estimate that 100 tons of cocaine are smuggled through the country each year.
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