1. The first sphygmograph ( pulse writer ) for the continuous graphical registration of pulse dates back to Karl von Vierordt in 1854.
  2. More popular, however, was the improved sphygmograph from the French physiologist and pioneer in cinematography 蓆ienne-Jules Marey ( 1863 ).
  3. Besides Marey's sphygmograph, a device developed by the Austrian Samuel von Basch attracted attention and was introduced in Europe in 1880.
  4. Although the instrument was cumbersome and its measurements imprecise, the basic concept of Vierordt's sphygmograph eventually led to the blood pressure cuff used today.
  5. In 1878 he obtained a Pond's sphygmograph, and with the help of J . Gauter he made a pocket instrument for registering the pulse.
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  7. Marey s sphygmograph  note the registration unit at the top right, where one can see the blood pressure waveforms obtained from the set of levers at the wrist
  8. He published an account of it in " The Sphygmograph : its history and use as an aid to diagnosis in ordinary practice " ( 1882 ), The approach was later adapted, and integrated with a recorder, by Sir James Mackenzie.


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