1. Guys, I would stongly suggest that you stop personalizing this.
  2. I stongly endorse it and Alex Bakharev's very even-handed suggestion.
  3. Other highly reliable sources stongly criticise the criticisers.
  4. I'm stongly anti-Brannen after they made a very expensive, very BADLY-made instrument of mine.
  5. :* I believe stongly the ArbComm should "'stay out of content disputes "'insofar as possible.
  6. It's difficult to find stongly in a sentence. 用stongly造句挺難的
  7. Showing their loyalty to the band, fans buy merchandise, go to their shows and stongly support them every chance they get.
  8. Therefore, we stongly request to remove all the information posted on your website immediately or we will take legal action against your site.
  9. If you delete one of each, I would stongly suggest that you KEEP Chrysi Diamantopoulou, it's more detailed and sourced.
  10. I stongly believe in encyclopedic standards for all Wikipedia articles; I do not, however, believe in needless censorship that takes away from articles.
  11. Juice magazine complimented the musical " width " and " stongly hued richness " on the album, though wondering if old fans would respond to the less direct music.
  12. The content here was ( stongly ) kept under a different name so the issue it seems is where it should be not if it should be . " '.
  13. I am still not certain why she has such a problem with allowing the nominations as listed, and suggesting her changes once they were finished, if she feels so stongly about it.
  14. Likewise, Keep in mind, I stongly feel that posting all of this information on Wikipedia just becomes a bit redundant and actually takes away from the aritcle and starts to approach redundancy.
  15. Per the " precedent ", if you will call it that, set here and here where the consensus was the that humorous redirects are healthy and useful I stongly encourage that they be kept.
  16. I've reveiwed the site, and although it seems to be pretty stongly pro-poppers ( Note that it also contains anti-poppers information ), the information it shows seems very credible.
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