1. Betham was baptised on 1 January 1777 and raised in Stonham Aspal.
  2. Surrounding villages include Mickfield, Little Stonham and Pettaugh.
  3. Stonham Aspal has undergone many boundary changes over time.
  4. Some of her manuscripts were accidentally burned at Stonham.
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  7. Stonham graduated from Rose Bruford College in 1977.
  8. It has a post-office under Stonham.
  9. Stonham Aspal Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School caters for ages 5 11.
  10. The club is currently sponsored by Stonham Barns.
  11. He served incumbencies at Lanteglos, Great Bricet, Little Finborough and Stonham Aspal.
  12. In 1993 the club won the Senior Cup again, beating Stonham Aspal 5 2.
  13. His successor as Abbot is Paul Stonham.
  14. MI5 officer Ronnie Stonham had an office in the BBC and took part in vetting procedures.
  15. The largest employer in the village is Stonham Hedgerow, a family business manufacturing jams and preserves.
  16. Stonham Aspal is mentioned in Domesday Book as " Estuna ", in the Bosmere hundred of Suffolk.
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