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  1. Investigation on the occupational hazard in stone machining industry
  2. The graphics - programming system of nc stone machine based on object - oriented
  3. The author have a quadratic development accordiny to the basically features of stone machined and industry used if autocad
  4. Located in the eastern suburb of yunfu municipality , yunfu ke te stone machine factory professionally makes equipments for stone processing
  5. Shanghai qianyu diamond tools co . , ltd . is a manufacture enterprise , serving for a lot of stone enterprises by supply all kinds of products , such as stone tools , stone machine fittings and so on
  6. It's difficult to find stoning machine in a sentence. 用stoning machine造句挺難的
  7. There two types , which consist of elevator , cleaning sieve , removing stone machine , rice huller with 6 ' ' rubber roll , separating machine for sugarplan rotating sieve double elevator , triple rice mill , polisher , sieve with there layers for broken flour
    該兩種大米加工組合設備,由毛稻提升機、去石機、 6 ' '膠輥礱谷機、大糠分離器,重力谷糙篩、雙聯提升機,噴鳳砂輥碾米機組成。
  8. The series equipment versatillty , its performance had achieved the international advanced level , is at present is most effective , the practical reliable crushed stone machine , is suitable specially for the manufacture grinding compound , fireproof the matreial , the cement , the quartz sand , the emery , the stove are cut broken glass the power , the copper ore , the concrete aggregate and so on many kinds of , the crisp materials on the control granulated substance machine energy conserva tion 50 % , is in the present world system qranulated substance equipment


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