stoning mark造句

"stoning mark"是什麽意思   


  1. A simple stone marks each lost child in a nearby graveyard.
  2. A large stone marks the original site on the A494 ).
  3. A stone marks the spot at precisely where the midpoint lies.
  4. Exposed red brick and stone marks the old church's foundation.
  5. A pile of stones marks the end of the path to the summit.
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  7. A memorial plate on a stone marks the spot.
  8. A bronze plaque fixed to a stone marks the top of the pass.
  9. A commemorative stone marks the traditional location of the brawn's death.
  10. A flat stone marks his grave, simply inscribed : " JOE ".
  11. A memorial stone marks the scene of the crime.
  12. A ledger-stone marks his grave in the church of this village.
  13. A bronze plaque on a stone marks his grave.
  14. Two such stones mark the beginning of the trail at the Living Prairie Museum.
  15. The four station stones mark out a rectangle.
  16. A memorial stone marks the spot at which the drum beat was last heard.
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