1. Storck said there was frequent drinking and fighting in the apartment.
  2. Storck remarried, to longtime friend Jacqueline Field, in 1956.
  3. Storck Brewery was located in Slinger, Wisconsin-formerly Schlesingerville.
  4. This led to the uneven quality of paintings attributed to Storck.
  5. He was the son of the prominent artistic figure Karl Storck.
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  7. In many of these projects, he was assisted by Storck.
  8. Storck's advanced-placement students did not need much prodding.
  9. Here he will work as an assistant for Bernd Storck.
  10. Abraham Storck and Jan Abrahamsz Beerstraaten were other battle specialists.
  11. His brother, Frederic Storck, also became well known for sculpting.
  12. Storck vice president Tony Nelson said from the company's Chicago office.
  13. D'Ursel was a friend of both Charles Dekeukeleire and Henri Storck.
  14. D醨dai's successor, Bernd Storck, replaced him with Andreas M鰈ler.
  15. In 1974, KTCH was sold to Ted Storck.
  16. Koch initially worked as a draughtsman for Ludvig Fenger and Hermann Baag鴈 Storck.
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