1. GOLD _ Hungary ( Zoltan Kammerer; Botond Storcz; Akos Vereckei; Gabor Horvath)
  2. The Hungarian pair of Zoltan Kammerer and Botond Storcz won the Olympic gold medal Sunday in the 500-meter two-man kayak sprint.
  3. Storcz was named Hungarian Sportsman of the Year in 1997 for winning three gold medals at that year's Hungarian University of Physical Education.
  4. Zoltan Kammerer and Botond Storcz of Hungary will defend their Olympic title in the K2 after winning their semifinal ahead of Russia's Anatoly Tishchenko and Vladimir Grushikhin, the bronze medalists at the Atlanta Games in'96, and Italy's Antonio Rossi and Beniamino Bonomi, who qualified for their second final having gained a berth in K2 1, 000.
  5. It's difficult to find storcz in a sentence. 用storcz造句挺難的


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