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  1. Plans for Stord Airport, S鴕stokken were launched in the early 1980s.
  2. The Stord Airport, S鴕stokken lies about northwest of Sagv錱.
  3. In the early 1980s, plans for Stord Airport, S鴕stokken were launched.
  4. He also saw the need for a new name and to relocate maintenance from Haugesund to Stord Airport.
  5. However, it instead chose to commence a service from Stord Airport, S鴕stokken and Oslo Airport, Fornebu.
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  7. Other than a small residential area on the isthmus, Stord Airport, S鴕stokken is the only major thing located on the peninsula.
  8. Stord Airport, S鴕stokken is a municipal, regional airport located on the peninsula of S鴕stokken on the island of Stord at an elevation of.
  9. The contract involved regular flights between Stavanger Airport, Sola via Stord Airport, S鴕stokken to Molde Airport, 舝?and return five times each week.
  10. "Everything seemed normal, and we had visual contact with the plane, " said Jan Morten Myklebust, head of the Stord airport.
  11. Nye Partnair was initially based at Haugesund Airport, Karm鴜, but relocated to Stord Airport, S鴕stokken in May 1991 and took the name Air Stord.
  12. They bought Norving's former hangar, but after a buy-out instead chose to operate out of near-by Stord Airport, S鴕stokken instead.
  13. In October 1984, Coast Aero Center, along with Norving and Fonnafly, applied for concession for the routes from Stord Airport, S鴕stokken to Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.
  14. With the fall of Coast Air, Stord Airport was without any scheduled routes and income, and lost NOK 350, 000 per month until a new service was in place.
  15. Coast Aero Center applied, along with Norving and Fonnafly, in October 1984 for the concession to fly out of Stord Airport, S鴕stokken on routes to Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger.
  16. In particular, the airline established itself at Skien Airport, Geiteryggen, Geilo Airport, Dagali, Fagernes Airport, Leirin, Sandefjord Airport, Torp, Stord Airport, S鴕stokken and Hamar Airport, Stafsberg.
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