stord bridge造句


  1. It opened along with the Stord Bridge on 27 December 2000.
  2. Stord Bridge has the second-longest span in Norway, after the Ask鴜 Bridge.
  3. The Stord Bridge was conceived after the decision to combine the crossing with the B鴐lafjord Tunnel.
  4. The Stord Bridge crosses the Digernessundet.
  5. The decks were produced in Schiedam, Netherlands, for the Stord Bridge and in Italy for the B鴐lo Bridge.
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  7. The section length was different between the two bridges, the Stord Bridge having them in lengths of and the B鴐la Bridge in sections of.
  8. The section from Stord to Sveio, including the Stord Bridge and the B鴐lafjord Tunnel, is part of E39 the Coastal Highway which runs along the west coast of Norway.
  9. The "'Stord Bridge "'( ) is a suspension bridge which crosses Digernessundet between the islands of European Route E39 and a combined pedestrian and bicycle pathway.
  10. Construction started on the Stord Bridge on 20 February 1999 . After the pylons were completed, two catwalks were erected between them, with the constructors choosing a continual catwalk instead of three separate ones.
  11. On the southern end of the strait, the Stord Bridge and B鴐la Bridge cross the sound, connecting the islands of Stord and B鴐lo to the B鴐lafjord Tunnel as part of the Triangle Link which connects both islands to the mainland.
  12. The costs were distributed to NOK 476 million for the B鴐lafjord Tunnel, NOK 433 million for the Stord Bridge, NOK 336 million for the B鴐la Bridge, NOK 46 million for the Spiss鴜 Bridge, NOK 36 million for the Digernes Tunnel, NOK 325 million for roadways and NOK 172 for administration and common costs.


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