1. Stordahl played with 1968 Winter Olympics held in Grenoble, France.
  2. Ann Stordahl, the general merchandising manager of Neiman Marcus, agreed.
  3. Stordahl recalled : " He just couldn't believe his ears.
  4. The yearly Ridderrennet at Beitost鴏en in Norway was also established by Erling Stordahl.
  5. Stordahl's arrangements were anything but run-of-the-mill.
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  7. In 1951, Hutton married Axel Stordahl, a musical arranger for Tommy Dorsey.
  8. Erling Stordahl claimed the family line of Norway's King Magnus the Blind.
  9. Until Sinatra left Columbia for Capitol Records in 1953, Stordahl remained his principal arranger.
  10. But when Stordahl dropped out, subsequent Sinatra records on Columbia were often inferior stuff.
  11. Stordahl founded the company in 1972, beginning with a single employee, Marie Finney.
  12. The bonus tracks represent the rest of Sinatra's work with Axel Stordahl on Capitol Records.
  13. With his sophisticated orchestrations, Stordahl is credited with helping to bring pop arranging into the modern age.
  14. Sinatra rushed through the sessions to fulfill his obligation to Capitol, something which Stordahl said upset him.
  15. The song was written by former Tin Pan Alley tunesmith Al Sherman, and arranged by Axel Stordahl.
  16. In 1944 Sinatra began recording with Axel Stordahl, who had been a trombonist and lead arranger with Tommy Dorsey.
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