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  1. "It is very sad, " said Welshwoman Ceri Smith, a naval stores accountant.
  2. His experiences as the store accountant helped Chung to thoroughly develop his business sense.
  3. For Wong Ching-fan, a stores accountant who has served the navy for 24 years, the future is uncertain.
  4. I find myself wondering, should I play her as a department-store accountant in Northern California, or should I play her like Joan Crawford?
  5. Horka asked for Marroquin's release so the prisoner could be a witness in the trial of Robbie Bourque, indicted for allegedly accepting money to kill convenience store accountant John Guillory Jr ., 42.
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  7. On 2 August 1911, O'Sullivan's deputy, Honorary Lieutenant Frederick Silver was formally transferred to the staff of the Director of Artillery Services ( Ordnance ) as the Artillery Stores Accountant, as the Director of Artillery ( Ordnance ) assumed responsibility for the ledgers previously held by the Defence Stores.


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