1. http : / / www . stpaul . com
  2. St . Paul Parks : http : / / www . stpaul . gov / depts / parks
  3. For locations of the 40 remaining statues, contact www . ci . stpaul . mn . us ( click on Visitor Info and then Convention and Visitors Bureau ).
  4. Clockwise from top right : The Leal and Largo de Senadoooze Portuguese charm and dignity; an elder takes a respite from theregular Chinese symphonic rehearsals at a gazebo at Lou Lim Iok Garden; afellow old-timer enjoys his solitude in a secluded corner across the pond; a bronzed beauty reclines in splendour at the foot of the Ruins of StPaul; the Taipa House Museum on Taipa island is a relic of the 1920s andstands in the cool of the banyan shade; and locals and tourists alikeswarm the Guia Fortress where a boisterousyoungster is more than willingto oblige tourists with poses for the cameras.
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