1. According to bioassay results , the overall toxicity of stra
  2. The ca ed goods are to be packed in carto with double stra
  3. The goods are to be packed in strong export cases , securely stra ed
  4. Gehen sie zuerst die berliner stra ? e entlng , dann ber die m nchner stra ? e
  5. 884 the whole carton is packed with double stra , each corner of the carton co olidated with metal angles
  6. It's difficult to find stra in a sentence. 用stra造句挺難的
  7. Im australischen melbourne gingen mehrere hundert menschen gegen die junta auf die stra ß e . " kein weiteres blutvergie ß en " war auf einem transparent zu lesen
    在澳大利亞墨爾本,數百人走上街頭抗議軍政府在一幅標語上寫著“不要再流血了” 。
  8. " migrerade " uppt mississippi och ohio floderna via bt dr de mtte de engelsk - uppfdda jrnvgsmnnen som troligtvis korrumperade namnet till poker och bar spelet tillbaka till de stra stderna under det amerikanska inbrdeskriget
    游戲很快隨水運船只傳入到密西西比河mississippi和俄亥俄河ohio流域。在那里,英國鐵路工人把它起名為“撲克” 。
  9. According to testing results , the stress - strain curve of the cemented soil stabilized the nanometer silica fume is fitted using a quadratic parabolic curve and expression equation for upward sector of the stress - stra in curve is given
  10. It is difficult to use pre - stress anchor technique to the deep excavation pit on the coast , in which the stra - tum is highly filled with water and subjected to the penetration of sea water , therefore there is no suc - cessful experience
  11. So this paper probes into the problems and reasons of currently social pension insurance in rural areas based on principium on social pension insurance and the theory of demology by means of literature search , conversation and compare research . and then this paper puts forward the long targets and stra tegic step on macroscopical lay and more specific and more pertinent measures on microcosmic lay
  12. According to the theoretical and practic al simulation of isothermal and non - isot hermal movement of water and salt , and bo undary with mulch , this paper introduces the status of studying advances in simul ation and coupled modeling on moisture m ovement , heat transfer , and salt transportin soils , especially the soils with stra w mulch . based on summarizing above , the f eatures of concerned models and desirable development are discussed briefly
  13. That is , for the objective task of different layer , the expression of the typical part information feature is solved by means of the feature code technology which is the combination of the gt and feature technology . the synthetic strategy of the typical part process is realized by means of the combination of variant and generative process strategy . the main property of this method is the unification of " commonness " and " individuality " especially in the part information expression and process stra
    在典型零件的信息描述中,特征編碼技術實現了零件信息描述中“共性” (相似性)與“個性” (特性)的有機統一;同理,在綜合的工藝決策方法中, c妙p系統既吸收了派生式的類比高效的特點,又具有適應性的創成功能,使工藝決策的效率和實用性得到了有效的提高。


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