straight horn造句

"straight horn"是什麽意思   


  1. They are long, thin and green in the early instars, with a long, straight horn.
  2. The 3B comes in two varieties; it's either a straight horn or has an F-attachment.
  3. In " The New York Duck, " for example, Lacy literally quacks through his straight horn.
  4. That exotic pale-bodied quadruped has long, straight horns that sprout in a narrow V from its head.
  5. Only the males carry the straight horns.
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  7. The Arabian oryx is a medium-sized antelope with a distinct shoulder hump, long straight horns, and a tufted tail.
  8. There is a long, curved black horn at each side and two shorter, straight horns at the front and rear.
  9. Early instars are green ( although there is a brown colour morph ) with a strong nearly straight horn on the tail.
  10. The Varn are a tall, green skinned race, with yellow eyes, large straight horns emerging from their foreheads, remarkable intelligence, and a generally devilish appearance.
  11. The sole member of its genus, the oribi was first horns; the thin, straight horns, long, are smooth at the tips and ringed at the base.
  12. ""'The Straight Horn of Steve Lacy " "'is the third album by Steve Lacy and the first to be released on the Candid label in 1961.
  13. The Vu Quang ox, a deer-like animal with long, straight horns, was discovered in 1992, and a giant 100-pound muntjac, or barking deer, was found in 1994.
  14. A decisive shift in description concerned the horn : where Al-Biruni had stuck to the short, curved horn, later writers made it a long, straight horn, which was shifted in artists'representations from the animal's nose to its brow.
  15. Truck ( lorry ) horns may be electrically operated and similar to car horns, but are often air horns driven by air from an air compressor, which many trucks have to operate the chromed straight horns mounted on top of the cab.
  16. He also introduced other Etruscan insignia of civilian authority and military distinction : the sceptre of the king; the trabea, a purple garment that varied in form, but was perhaps most often used as a mantle; the fasces carried by the lictors; the tuba, a straight horn used chiefly for military purposes.


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