1. Strindlund said the findings were in line with Pettersson's history of seizures.
  2. Yes, it does, says Pelle Strindlund.
  3. Born in Sundsvall, Strindlund has a degree in philosophy and Spanish, and an MA in religious studies.
  4. The bridge was built mainly by Germans and was inaugurated on 26November 1939 by Communications Minister Gerhard Strindlund, in the presence of representatives of port authorities from Oslo, Copenhagen and Helsinki.
  5. In opera, Strindlund has conducted productions with Muziektheater Transparant Antwerpen, Belgium, Gothenburg Opera House, V鋜mland Opera House, British Youth Opera Saddler's Wells, Opera Garden Aberdeen, Gageego / Atalante, amongst others.
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  7. In its preliminary autopsy report, the National Board of Forensic Medicine said that Pettersson fell in the midst of an epileptic seizure and struck his head after he had slept off a night of drinking, police spokesman Hans Strindlund told The Associated Press.
  8. In 2007, the book was adapted into a musical by Bo Wastesson ( music ), Staffan G鰐estam ( manuscript-coincidentally, Staffan played Jonatan in the 1977 film adaptation ) and Ture Rangstrom ( lyrics ), directed by Elisabet Ljungar at the Gothenburg Opera House in Sweden, with the leading parts played by Hanna Brehmer ( Skorpan ), Alexander Lycke ( Jonathan ) and Annica Edstam ( Sofia ), orchestra conducted by Marit Strindlund, choreography created by Camilla Ekelof, costume and stage design by Mathias Clason.


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