1. Project supported by the shanghai postdoctoral sustentation fund , china ( grant no . )
    上海市博士后基金(批準號: )資助的課題
  2. Some consideration on the system of sustentation to student in chinese colleges and universities
  3. Macro - control and regulation and the corresponding policy sustentation under market - oriented economy
  4. Foundation item : high technology and new material sustentation fund of china bureau of national non - ferric metal industry
  5. The development of education is an important sustentation for economy in impoverished areas , and the education rests more on teacher
  6. It's difficult to find sustentation in a sentence. 用sustentation造句挺難的
  7. The advance of human society relies on economic development , and economic development must again rely on the sustentation and guarantee of energy supply
  8. As existent problems , we should explore the new models of teaching and provide corresponding learning sustentations according to the peculiarity of the teaching process
  9. The thesis bases itself upon the integration of the secure supervising and measuring system and it is divided mainly into two parts to study the problem : the theory sustentation and the practice application
  10. Also , the latter in the 20th century , the achievement of the social advance and economic increase in china , which attracts worldwide attention , is closed to the strong sustentation of the energy industry
  11. The sustentation fund from hunan province ’ s building project ( research on the design analytical method of structural system of reinforced concrete special - shaped columns ) is received in the process of the paper ’ s study
    本課題得到湖南省建設科技項目(鋼筋混凝土異形柱結構體系分析設計方法研究)的資助(湘建2002 - 576 - 50 ) 。
  12. Together with huawei , byd auto , zte , and skyworth , tencent technology shenzhen company limited was evaluated as an enterprise with intellectual property advantages in shenzhen and thereby acquired a sustentation fund in the amount of rmb 300 , 000
  13. By sustentation fund from national high technology research and development project ( 863 project ) grant no . 2002aa143021 , we do an in - depth study on the security in wlan , which is a component of the security technology in broadband wireless ip network
    本文在國家高技術研究發展計劃( 863計劃,項目編號2002aa143021 )的資助下,對寬帶無線ip安全中的組成部分? ? wlan進行了深入的分析和研究。
  14. By much logistics information we can integrate resources , set up clcip to provide sustentation for the development of the logistics industry , change the situation that the information resources are single and scarce in current logistics system and get the maximum benefits from the logistics system
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