t rays造句


  1. Clearly, IRL attendance woes aren't Ray's fault.
  2. DETROIT LIONS _ Re-signed T Ray Roberts to a two-year contract.
  3. Someone said, ` Doesn't Ray owe you to stay ?'The debt should be reversed.
  4. Francois Truffaut wrote the screenplay for'Fahrenheit,'and Richard Matheson adapted'Martian Chronicles,'so they weren't Ray's scripts, anyway.
  5. Couldn't Ray's younger brother _ his guitarist, bandmate in the Kinks, rival, foil, friend and enemy _ couldn't Dave Davies play this part?
  6. It's difficult to find t rays in a sentence. 用t rays造句挺難的
  7. Why doesn't Ray just load them all up in the Taurus, drive them to a car dealer, and tell the players he's not driving them home unless they pick out new cars.


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