t records造句


  1. Compay Segundo couldn't record because he had another contract.
  2. He didn't record a par until his 10th hole.
  3. Those ballots didn't record votes in a machine count.
  4. He only had six rebounds and didn't record a block.
  5. And it doesn't record things for you automatically.
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  7. Rimes almost didn't record the megahit that launched her career.
  8. He walked four and didn't record a strikeout.
  9. He was still writing songs, but didn't record them.
  10. I might have a conversation with a friend I didn't record.
  11. The bottom line : He didn't record for another four years.
  12. You can't record on a laser disk.
  13. Current DVD systems and discs can't record.
  14. But it isn't records that interest her.
  15. If he made any pithy comments, history didn't record them.
  16. Page didn't record any demos prior to recording the album itself.
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