t road造句


  1. He can't road-test his products before he sells them.
  2. The Tennessee Titans aren't road warriors.
  3. "This wasn't road rage.
  4. It is situated on G . T road, Baghbanpura, Lahore, Pakistan.
  5. "It wasn't road rage, I wasn't angry,"
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  7. Main G . T Road connecting Islamabad and Lahore is about 40 minutes drive from the village.
  8. The road is part of European route E67, European route E77 and Latvian TEN-T road network.
  9. G . T ROAD ( WEST BENGAL STATE HIGHWAY no 13 ) goes through the edge of this village.
  10. Rates for AT & T Road Runner range from $ 29.95 to $ 99.95.
  11. The road is part of European route E22, European route E262 and the Latvian TEN-T road network.
  12. The college campus is located at Bismillah Chowk, G . T Road, situated in a purpose built building.
  13. G T Road and Yamuna Expressway are two lucid and most assistive pathways beside that it enjoys its ample affirmative railway connectivity.
  14. "There were places where there really weren't roads, just tracks ( through a field ), " said McDonnell.
  15. Local restaurants have recently housed alongside the G . T Road and include, Gangotri, Vegetarian Valley, Fusion, alongside eateries inside RD Mall.
  16. Then somebody suggested that since the Overland Steam Wagon would be operating where there weren't roads, it might be well to try it on the prairie.
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